De'Longhi Hygge.

Hygge is the new De’Longhi product designed to bring well-being into the home, thanks to the integrated air purification and heating. It’s the first wall-mounted air-purifying radiator, a patented idea. An elegant, discreet object that takes up little space in the room. In the bedroom, it guarantees allergy sufferers a peaceful night’s sleep, in the kitchen, it can rapidly remove odors, in the living room it guarantees the best possible relaxation.

Design by: Alessandro Stabile


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The proportions are conceived for maximum integration into all rooms in the home. The details make it a precious, high-technology product. All settings are easy to control via the touchscreen. Use De’Longhi standard filters, easily replaceable in just a click.

In Danish and Norwegian, the word Hygge defines a sentiment, a social atmosphere, an action associated with a sensation of comfort, safety, welcome and cosiness. Hygge is about achieving not a sense of fleeting happiness, but rather an everyday well-being that helps generate a sense of long-term gratification.


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