In collaboration with Herm Studio, I had the privilege of visualizing their exquisite watch designs. This project involved creating high-quality 3D renders that captured the elegance and precision of Herm Studio's craftsmanship. The visualization process was an exciting journey of bringing these designs to life, highlighting their beauty and sophistication through meticulous rendering techniques.


◖Cinema 4D 2024

◖Corona Renderer



◖Modeling & Rendering

◖Art Direction

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Herm Studio is renowned for its elegant and timeless watch designs. My role was to translate their vision into stunning visual representations that could captivate and engage potential customers. The goal was to emphasize the intricate details and luxurious materials, showcasing the watches as not just timepieces but as works of art.

The first step was to deeply understand Herm Studio's design philosophy. Each watch design was studied meticulously, noting the subtle details, the choice of materials, and the overall aesthetic. This understanding was crucial to ensure that the visualizations accurately reflected the essence of the designs

Using Cinema 4D, I began the process of modeling the watches. Every component, from the case and dial to the straps and clasp, was modeled with precision. The challenge was to maintain the accuracy of the designs while adding a level of detail that would stand out in the final renders. The dial's texture, the metallic sheen of the case, and the softness of the leather straps were all meticulously crafted.

The texturing phase involved applying realistic materials to each part of the watch. In Corona Renderer, I experimented with different textures to achieve the perfect look. The rose gold case needed to have a luxurious glow, the matte black dial required a subtle yet striking finish, and the leather straps had to look supple and comfortable. This phase was crucial in making the renders look lifelike.


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