Wired Magic Stick.

Designed by Giulio Iacchetti, the Magic Stick is an innovative concept introduced in Wired Italia as the future of home automation. This multifunctional device integrates a camera and projector, transforming any living space with its advanced domotic capabilities. Created as a cover image for a special issue, the Magic Stick symbolizes the evolution of household technology, offering intuitive control over home environments through its sleek, interactive design. This project highlights the blend of aesthetic appeal and practical utility, pushing the boundaries of modern industrial design.

Design by: Giulio Iacchetti


◖Cinema 4D

◖Corona Renderer



◖Modeling & Rendering

◖Art Direction

▧ ◍ ▦


The Magic Stick features a sophisticated design that houses advanced technology such as a camera and a projector. These elements are not just functional but are integrated in a way that enhances user interaction. The camera enables the device to recognize its surroundings and user gestures, allowing for seamless control of home devices. Meanwhile, the projector can display interfaces on any surface, making the control of home automation both intuitive and visually engaging.

The inclusion of this design in Wired Italia not only underscores its innovative aspects but also marks it as a significant advancement in home automation technology. The publication, known for its focus on cutting-edge technology and design, provides a perfect platform for introducing such a futuristic concept to a wider audience, keen on exploring the next big trends in technology and design.


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