HUAWEI Freebuds Studio

While working at Huawei, I embarked on a personal project during my free time to explore the design and rendering of premium headphones. This initiative not only reflects my passion for 3D modeling and rendering but also my dedication to pushing the boundaries of design and visual presentation..


◖Cinema 4D 2024

◖Corona Renderer



◖Modeling & Rendering

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Texturing brought the model to life. In Corona Renderer, I experimented with various materials to achieve a premium look. The ear cushions were given a soft, leather texture to imply comfort, while the outer shell was designed with a matte metallic finish to convey durability and sophistication. The interplay of different textures was crucial in highlighting the product's premium nature.

Rendering is where the magic happens. Using Corona Renderer's advanced lighting techniques, I aimed to create photorealistic images that captured the essence of the design. The lighting setup was carefully planned to highlight the contours and textures, making the headphones look as tangible and inviting as possible. Each render was a story in itself, showcasing different aspects of the headphones.


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