FORD "Iceland Raptor".

In this visually captivating series titled "Icelandic Raptor," a rugged, high-performance vehicle is masterfully rendered against the stark, otherworldly landscapes of a stylized Icelandic environment. Each image in the series showcases the vehicle—equipped with heavy-duty tires and robust body armor—navigating through mist-shrouded rocky terrains that evoke the raw and untamed beauty of Iceland.

Dramatic lighting and a moody, monochromatic color palette highlight the vehicle's design and the rough textures of the landscape, emphasizing both the isolation and the adventurous spirit of the setting. This project not only showcases technical skill in 3D visualization but also tells a story of endurance and exploration, capturing the essence of discovery in the wild expanses of the north.


◖Cinema 4D 2024

◖Corona Renderer



◖Modeling & Rendering

◖Art Direction

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In the "Icelandic Raptor" series, the attention to detail in each render highlights the vehicle’s robust features and the harshness of the Icelandic-like environment. Here are some key details and elements that stand out:

Vehicle Design: The heavily modified truck boasts a militaristic design with reinforced body panels, a robust roll cage, and large all-terrain tires. Equipped with roof-mounted lights, a grille guard, and an antenna, it’s ready for extreme conditions. The utilitarian rear holds cargo like spare tires, secured with heavy straps, enhancing its expedition readiness.

Lighting and Atmosphere: Strategic lighting highlights the vehicle’s path through mist, using headlights and roof lights to add depth. Skillful use of shadows and textures enhances the realism of both the vehicle and the rocky environment.

Overall Composition: Each image is composed to focus attention on the vehicle’s journey or its formidable presence, emphasizing its dominance in a vast landscape. The angles and perspectives chosen evoke adventure, showcasing the vehicle’s capabilities in a dramatic setting.


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