The Vespampere project, helmed by renowned designer Giulio Iacchetti, represents a harmonious blend of timeless design and cutting-edge innovation. This endeavor seeks to reinterpret the iconic Vespa scooter, infusing it with modern aesthetics and advanced technological features, while preserving its nostalgic essence.


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Vespampere embodies the spirit of Vespa with its fluid lines and seamless form, reminiscent of the original's elegance. The design pays homage to the classic while integrating contemporary elements, creating a scooter that is both a tribute to its heritage and a vision of the future.

The sleek, continuous curves of the Vespampere’s body create a silhouette that is both striking and smooth. The design eliminates unnecessary components, focusing on simplicity and purity of form.

The visualization of Vespampere, developed in collaboration with Matteo Rossi, captures the essence of the design through a series of carefully crafted images. These visuals highlight the scooter's elegant form, innovative features, and the seamless integration of traditional and modern elements.

Vespampere is more than just a scooter; it is a statement of style, innovation, and respect for tradition. It stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of Vespa, reimagined for a new generation of riders. Giulio Iacchetti's design, brought to vivid life through Matteo Rossi's visualization, offers a glimpse into the future of urban mobility, where elegance and efficiency ride together.


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